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Minimum order is 100 kg.
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Honey is a unique product given to humans by nature. Bees are rather sophisticated and have an incredible performance efficiency. It is thanks to them that it is possible to get enough honey even in adverse weather conditions. Honey is used for making baked foods, culinary dishes and beverages. Unlike sugar, the product is rich in fructose, which means that people suffering from overweight and other endocrine diseases can eat honey.

Depending on the type of honey, it is possible to achieve different therapeutic effects. The product is rich in natural components that contribute to soothing inflammation and infectious processes even without the use of antibiotics.  Due to its multi-component composition, you can get all the necessary vitamins, macronutrients, micronutrients and organic acids from this product. They boost the functions of the human body, especially the activities of the immune system.

Honey is added to modern cosmetic products. It is used in creams, masks, hair care products. High-quality honey softens the skin, stimulates blood circulation, prevents early wrinkles, promotes gentle exfoliation of cells and their renewal.

You can order natural honey from our company in large bulk with delivery to the specified address. We offer reasonable prices for products from manufacturers as well as customer information support.